It's Almost Time.

Thank you so much for your interest in Convos.
We have made a note and will be sending you an invitation real soon.
We are putting the finishing touches on the all new Convos marketing platform.
We have been working hard to overhaul the platform and provide a better way for you to engage with homeowners and home buyers.
We will be opening up new accounts regularly so keep an eye on your email.
Want to move up a spot in the line? Connect with us in Messenger
If you have questions or want to find out more details you can
send us a message:
or give us a call: 330-422-4443

Spark More Conversations With

  • Convos Web Messenger
  • 1 Facebook Business Page Messenger Integration
  • Instant Home Value Conversation Starter
  • Monthly Home Value Update Top Of Mind Conversation
  • Name Your Price Conversation Starter
  • Seller Lead Qualification
  • Open House Conversation Sign in
  • Hot Homes List Conversation Starter
  • Just Listed Conversation Starter
  • Home Buyer Profile Conversation Starter
  • Zapier Lead Integration
  • Instant Lead Notifications

We Can't Wait To Help Your Business Grow with Convos

How do I connect a bot to Facebook?
Convos provides an easy Facebook integration to help you quickly connect your new bot to your preferred Facebook Page.
Do I have to write conversation content?

No. We understand that busy agents don't have time to build and create complext conversational UX. Convos handles the conversations right out of the box.

You are able to create simple conversational flows to promote your new listings, open houses and hot lists.

How many bots can I connect to my Facebook page?

Currently you can connect 1 convos bot to 1 facebook page. If you want to connect your bot to more pages, it will require an additional subscription.

You can connect other bot services to your page, but it is not recommended as it could interfere with the user experience.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Convos is offered on a month-to-month basis. There is not contract and you can cancel any time before your next invoice date.